In 2021, popular trends are very polarized. Wood flooring trends are constantly evolving. New technologies and new materials mean that there are many choices for personalized and unique flooring. Whether it’s for an apartment, a single-family home, a commercial space or a townhouse, the possibilities are endless! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options in terms of styles, textures, colours and finishes.

Textures and shapes:

Extra large slats: In 2021, extra large slats will be popular. They allow for a more streamlined floor and give a look of grandeur to any room.

Striking Patterns: For a more rustic effect, contrasting details are also in for the next season. Dark knots and stripes on a lighter floor can be good examples.

Natural wood: In 2021, use organic materials. Wood in all its forms is coming to the forefront. The more it looks like it was cut straight from the tree, the closer it gets to the desired effect.

The main idea in 2021 is simply not to strive for perfection, but rather to emphasize the natural look of the wood used.


Warm colours are definitely a hit in every catalogue for next season.

Black: Surprised to see black on the list of colours to watch in 2021? While in the last few years, white was put forward, black is slowly making its way to the top of the list. This colour instantly creates an elegance like no other. It looks great in more industrial settings with metallic details.

Copper: The colour copper is definitely the big winner of the coming year. It offers the opportunity to play with furniture styles and create a warm effect every time. It gives a nice extra touch to any room.

Natural: As mentioned above, natural wood is the best option if you want a timeless floor that is easy to match with your decor. Each shade and texture of the different types of wood make any floor unique.

Finishes and layouts:

Satin: The satin effect allows for a little subtle shine and gives the floor a polished look.

Matte: Matte wood gives a modern, raw look to the wood used.

Parquet: Parquet is making a comeback. It offers several possibilities in its positioning. Opt for diagonal or herringbone strips to create curiosity and a special look for your floor.

Zoning and combinations: Be bold! Zoned floors in open areas can add a je ne sais quoi to any decor. Contrasting colour combinations can also turn heads and will be popular for years to come.


While minimalism is still in full swing with Scandinavian style, it competes with the return of the rustic and antique in popular decorating.

Scandinavian: Opt for asymmetry and continuous patterned materials. Cool colours like light wood, grey and black are good choices to achieve a Scandinavian look. The key: keep the floor as clean as possible.

Antique Effect: While Scandinavian style encourages cool colours, the opposite is true for an antique effect. Focus on imperfections with textured wood (scratches, knots, etc.). Warm colours such as copper, chocolate, black, etc., can be used. Parquet can easily be integrated into this type of room.

Rustic effect: To achieve a rustic look, you need to highlight the richness of the natural wood. Whitewashing can be a good idea, as well as more matte finishes. A contrasting wood can also work.

As mentioned above, upcoming trends are very much about the two polarities; between the simplicity and minimalism of Scandinavian style and the warmth and character of rustic, there is something for everyone. At Planchers St-Hubert, we have many wood flooring options to help you create the decor of your dreams, in keeping with the times. Whether you’re looking for installation services or a new look, ask our specialists for advice on how to make the right choice.

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