Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood is a natural and distinguished classic product that radiates incomparable warmth. Of unequaled nobility and solidity, it will provide your home with an unmistakable presence and, if well maintained, through the decades and generations. Indeed, even today, century-old homes with original hardwood floors are very popular.

Planchers St-Hubert offers you a wide selection of finishes and colors for your hardwood on the South Shore and in the greater Montreal area, in order to perfectly meet your needs, whatever these may be.

Typically, solid hardwood is installed over a wood subfloor with staples or nails.

Our professionals accredited by the RBQ can take care of the installation of your hardwood floor on the South Shore and in the greater Montreal area so that you can enjoy a beautiful floor without worries!

wood floor in living room


    Planchers St-Hubert

    What do you need to know about hardwood?

    Thanks to the variety of finishes and colors, hardwood floors can create different atmospheres between rooms. Very versatile, they are suitable for almost any room in the house, except the bathroom.

    Indeed, the high level of humidity found there as well as the more frequent water damage can contribute to the acceleration of the wear of the floor. Thus, the durability of the floor is reduced.

    Hardwood floors are recommended for the ground and upper floors.

    Planchers St-Hubert


    Hardwood has a unique character and is distinguished by its natural shades of color. The knots and mineral veins of the wood give it a beauty that is not only authentic, but also timeless. Indeed, hardwood never goes out of fashion, and will be able to shine its beauty through the decades.

    We offer a wide variety of finishes, grains and colors through our inventory, so that you can furnish your rooms with hardwood flooring that will brilliantly reflect the atmosphere you want to install there.