Wood floors: the different types of varnish

It’s no secret that renovating your floors can completely change the look of your home. Our dust-free sanding service is an excellent way to achieve the desired effect at a low cost. However, it is just as important to choose the right finish. To help you understand, here are the different options available to you.

Water-based varnish

Easy to maintain and durable, water-based varnishes are known for their ability to not turn yellow over time. In addition, they dry more quickly when applied and contain a very low level of toxic products.

Contrary to popular belief, their degree of resistance today is similar to oil-based varnishes. In fact, there are several choices and qualities of water-based varnishes. Some are as durable or even more durable than oil-based varnish.

Following its application, it is imperative to wait at least one month before the first washing of your floors in order to keep their resistance and lustre. However, adding a primer to the varnish speeds up the process and reduces the time to just 10 days. In addition, it makes your floor more resistant to damage.

Oil-based varnish

Less popular these days, oil-based varnish tends to keep its lustre for many years but to yellow quickly. It also takes a long time to dry and releases a large number of toxic products that are harmful to health and the environment.

However, this option allows for a roller application that is easier for beginners.

In any case, take a look at our large selection of stains and varnishes available in-store and don’t hesitate to ask our experts for advice!

Happy renovations!

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