Perhaps you have just bought a new property and want to change the floors? Or maybe your floors are due for an upgrade? Parquet flooring is an option that is definitely worth considering. Indeed, this type of wood floor has several advantages. Here are some of them.

Less environmental impact

Parquet flooring is a much more environmentally friendly solution because of the way it is manufactured. In fact, since it is made from small pieces of wood amalgamated solidly together, the raw material is much more cost-effective. This allows us to cover a larger surface area with the same number of trees.

An undeniable authenticity

No one can deny the authenticity that wood flooring provides. This natural material, when installed and maintained properly, remains beautiful through the ages. Since parquet flooring is made of real wood, it has an authentic warmth and a timeless look that is very similar to hardwood flooring.

Durability that stands the test of time

Since a parquet floor is made of solid pieces of wood that are tightly sealed together, it has unparalleled durability. If you maintain your floor properly, it will last you a lifetime! In addition, if you choose a hardwood species, it will greatly resist scratches on the varnish, which is perfect if you have children or pets.

A variety for all tastes

Planchers St-Hubert offers parquet flooring in different formats, each with a different style. Consult our selection of parquet flooring and let your imagination run wild for your future projects!

In addition, we offer a courteous, professional and efficient floor installation service.

So contact us, relax, and let our certified experts take care of your floors. All you have to do is enjoy it!

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