Give an illusion of grandeur to any space!

The current situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing us, more than ever before, to be conscious of the importance of feeling good at home. Giving a complete refresh to your home by only changing your floors is in fact possible!

Here are a couple of tips and tricks to choose the right wood floor to create a depth effect in your home.

Prioritize pale colours

The choice of colour for flooring can be a total game changer. In fact, lighter-coloured wood floors give the immediate appearance that a space is brighter, and in turn, bigger than it actually is. Think this might create unwanted coldness in the space? Think again. On top of being this year’s top trend, a lighter-coloured natural wood floor gives, at the same time, a Scandinavian allure to your interior design. To maximize its impact, choose hardwood flooring with a glossy finish, or ask our team to apply a coat of varnish.

Opt for minimal grain and knots

Do you know what grades are? It’s what defines the variation between boards in a floor covering by their coloration and the presence of knots. Although natural, a floor with strong veins can have an impact on the overall appearance of a room and weigh it down. However, it is important to remember that the grade of a floor is not synonymous with quality. Don’t hesitate to ask our consultants for advice. They will be happy to explain the best choice for your needs.

Choose flooring with horizontal lines

Choosing flooring with horizontal lines has a tendency to act as an optical illusion and instantly enlarges a space. You guessed it: these lines give an effect of continuity and direct the eye outward. There’s no need to break down walls to create a brand-new space… an optical illusion does the trick just fine!

Avoid visual interruptions

Like we see currently with open-concept homes, uniformity in hardwood accentuates the depth effect. What’s more, if you apply the same flooring throughout the entirety of your home, this gives the impression that each room blends into the other, creating a feeling of more space with little to no effort.

You are now ready to choose the perfect floor to create space in your home. Consult our online inventory to make your choice and contact our team to bring your vision to life! We are here to support you in making your dreams become a reality.

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