Engineered flooring: a sensible choice!

Engineered flooring: a sensible choice!

Choosing flooring for your home or business is certainly not a decision that should be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider, including colour, texture, finish, price and the environmental impact of the product used. At Planchers St-Hubert, we offer an impressive range of flooring products for all tastes and budgets. In this blog, we present the qualities of engineered flooring, an option that is gaining in popularity. Happy reading!

What is engineered flooring?

To manufacture engineered flooring at the factory, the following elements must be layered and glued together:

  • A natural wood base
  • Plywood (high-density fibre)
  • Wood veneer (which provides texture and colour)

Engineered wood replaces hardwood in problem areas

Many people love the look of hardwood and want to install it throughout their homes. However, this noble material does not do well with humidity and heat, so it is not recommended to install it in basements or bathrooms. The good news? Engineered flooring is perfectly tolerant of the toughest conditions and looks just like hardwood!

What are the main qualities of engineered flooring?

An engineered wood floor has many advantageous properties, such as:

  • Superior stability (resists warping)
  • An infinite choice of finishes (you’ll find your favorite when you come see our samples!)
  • Ease of installation (can be glued, clamped or nailed)
  • A lower impact on the environment (use of recycled materials)
  • Increased longevity (can be lightly sanded after a few years, if necessary.

In short, engineered wood is an ecological, economical and aesthetic solution. Between us, trying it is adopting it! If you would like to obtain an estimate for an engineered wood floor, contact one of our representatives and tell them the dimensions of the floors you wish to cover.

Ready to get the wood floors of your dreams? Come see us!

At Planchers St-Hubert, we are proud to offer turnkey hardwood floor installation, staining and dust-free sanding services. If you live in Montreal or on the South Shore, think of us when you want to install durable wood floors in your property. We look forward to meeting you!

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