Engineered Flooring


Engineered wood flooring consists of a real wood base, plywood or high-density fiberboard, and a veneer glued to the base. This veneer gives the floor its appearance and nuances. In addition, it is designed to achieve greater stability, especially where heat and humidity are not suitable for hardwood flooring.

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    Ecological solution

    Engineered flooring is a more ecological solution since it requires less wood during installation, and its manufacturing process requires less cutting of trees. According to an article from La Presse, with the same tree, you get 30 times more of this type of floor than solid wood flooring. Additionally, it does not require sanding or varnishing to stay beautiful for a long time, saving you maintenance costs in time and money. Ideal for condos, this type of floor is available in several models and colors.

    Planchers St-Hubert

    The stability of the engineered floor

    Engineered wood flooring, with its multi-layer planks, resists warping and warping caused by heat and humidity. Its characteristics make it the best choice for installation near a heating source, on concrete or in a humid environment.

    The top layer of this type of flooring, the wood veneer, will withstand many years of wear if it is of good quality and can also be sanded to lessen the appearance of scratches and wear. Check the warranty with a specialist at Planchers St-Hubert.

    Planchers St-Hubert

    Superior quality

    Since the top layer of engineered flooring is made of the same hardwood found in unfinished wood flooring, it retains all of its natural beauty. Wood veneer gives the look of hardwood flooring and varies depending on the type of plank sawn. So you end up with the same look as hardwood, but with all the benefits of engineered flooring.