The year 2022 is marked by the glorification of natural materials in the field of interior design, and the realm of flooring is no exception!

In fact, wood floors are more popular than ever! This year, we are opting for light and natural colours. In addition to brightening up a room, this type of flooring fills it with softness and warmth.

You guessed it, in order to obtain a more natural result, a matte finish is without a doubt the way to go! This type of floor absorbs light, limiting reflections and shine.

Combined with other raw materials, such as concrete and wicker, and colours reminiscent of nature – such as sage green – and earthy colours, such as terracotta, the year 2022 offers you a calm and rejuvenating environment.

Has our article inspired you?

Come and discover the many options available to you! We have a wide variety of quality Quebec products available in our showroom for all tastes and budgets.

You can also opt for our dust-free sanding service to remove stain and varnish and get your floors looking like new.

Be sure to share your projects with our team members and they will help you choose the best option for your needs!

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